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The purpose of Jhunjhunu Police is to help the common man, to provide him security and to create a peaceful and law abiding community with his cooperation. Jhunjhunu Police is committed to uphold the Rule of Law, to prevent crime and to maintain law and order. We are here to protect everybody the under-privileged and to serve the people. In order to make Jhunjhunu Police people-friendly, to enhance the credibility of the police and to check corruption, transparency in the system is emphasized at all levels. We are ready for 24 hours to common people any help. Jhunjhunu Police wanna to get message to each people that every one can get interest Police related information, Distt. accused, History Sheeter's, Wanted accused, Weapons, Passport etc. by Distt. Police website. If you wanna get any information/suggestions, you can send me by Email/ Fax or Telephone. You most welcome. Thanks, Jai Hind !